• Plaid mohair Saaga Uni
  • Plaid mohair Saaga Uni
Plaid mohair Saaga Uni

Blueberry blue mohair blanket

  • Reference: Plaid mohair bleu myrtille


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These beautiful blankets are available in several colors. Only best raw materials are used. Mohair products are made of South African mohair yarn and New Zeland wool spun in Europe. Mohair wool is a silky, soft and organic material. Mohair is warm in winter as it has excellent insulating properties. In summertime, it remains pleasantly cool.

Manufacturer Lapuan Kankurit

Color: blueberry blue

Size: 130 x 170 cm + fringes

Material: 70% mohair and 30 % wool

Care instructions:

Don't wash the blanket too often. You can put it outdoors in fresh air for a while. When needed, brush the blanket gently with a fabric brush following the grain of the wool. Hand wash at maximum 30°C or dry clean. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze out most of the water. Press the blanket between towels until half-dry and leave it to dry flat in an airy place. Do not tumble dry.