• Tote bag Moomin - The main thing in life
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Tote bag Moomin - The main thing in life

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Discover Moomin tote bags with an aphorism. Here it is Snufkin, a philosophical vagabond who speaks and he expresses a simple and profound truth: "The essence in life is to know your own mind".

Snufkin wanders the world fishing and playing the harmonica. He carries everything he needs in his backpack because he thinks that having too many things makes life too complicated. Snufkin enjoys spending time with his friends Moomins in the Moomin Valley, but in November he heads to south to spend the winter there and does not return to the Moomin Valley until spring.


Material: Organic cotton, fair trade high-quality tote bag with a printed picture

Organic cotton ensures that the raw material has been grown without pesticides. Fair trade guarantees a decent income for producers.

Size: 36cm x 40cm x bottom 10cm, 60cm handles